Thursday, July 14, 2016

Experiencing Balloons Aloft

Experiencing Balloons Aloft: With my red glitter shoes tucked inside my bag and two little sleepy girls tagging along beside me, I made my way to the Balloons Aloft. I am not exactly the early bird as I knew the fog was as deep and thick as, well, as pea soup. I let the girls sleep as long as they could and then I frantically woke them up, “Hurry, the balloons, hurry.” I don’t like to wake them in such a fashion, but on this day I did.

Photo courtesy of Bill Eyster and the Steuben County Tourism Board

Here is the link to last week's column. No, I never got to go so the photo is from Bill Eyster. The column has a bit of a different twist...I believe it is my response to the events our nation experienced last week. I appreciate you reading this piece...two of friends really loved it. I must say that I could barely see to edit it as I was crying so hard.

As always.
Lou Ann