Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It was good to drum in the equinox at Pokagon...

It was good to drum in the equinox at Pokagon: The clouds hung close to the horizon with the sun slanting its rays into the mountain gullies when she, the leader, asked us to join her on the top of the mountain. Because she asked, we went, all of us. Holding a bodhran in one hand, she kept the beat with the other as we followed her. First to join in the circle were her sisters in faith. We watched, and held our breath, as they circled up and danced to the drum beat. I was reluctant to leave; I thought the possibility existed that she would open the circle to the rest of the women, and I didn’t want to miss it.

To my friends near and far, here is this week's column on Drumming in the Sun on the Equinox. The day was clear and cool and full of laughter and friendship. I think we have started something big. A special thanks to Stephen Rowe who just knows how to make things happen. Enjoy, and thank you for reading. Just click on the above link!
As always,
Lou Ann