Friday, February 19, 2016

Some nights are made for singing....

"What do you do in your small town...?" is a question I do get quite often. The truth is I could fill my calendar with something every night of the week, and I usually do! I have a particular group of friends (there are ten regulars) who follow each other around. We have potlucks, read Hamlet and follow music around at the local pubs.

Last night was a perfect example of how to while away a winter evening. We all gathered at Six Autumns for burgers and beer and music, of course.

The musicians were not of a particular band, but a group of friends who gather twice a month to share music and songs. We (the audience) sang with them for hours. I was asked a couple of times to join the musicians and who knows, maybe next time I will take my seat with the group.

We laughed, sang, danced, clapped and didn't leave until the last song was sung. It was the perfect way to end a late winter's day. When we left the stars hung low in northern Indiana and you could literally hear the snow melting.

Yes, a good time was had by all, enough so that when we meet today we can was a good night.

See you Six Autumns in a couple of weeks!