Friday, February 12, 2016

Burns Night is a wrap...

We have had very little winter here in the Midwest, but our Burns Night was complete with howling winds, bitter temperatures, and swirling snow.

That did not stop the show, of course! I was a little worried about our piper, Mark, as he was traveling through some very rural areas to get to us, but alas, alas, he was there on time.

Our audience was scarce but we had the best time! The students were professional, the pipes were outstanding, and we all went home with a very happy heart.

I did try to take Mark out for a late dinner, but everything was closed because of the weather! 

Indeed it was was I call an Irish Ceilidh. Sometimes a ceilidh hosts just a few folks, and sometimes many, but always it is music, story and poetry. Even with just a few voices in the night, it is good enough so that when we meet in the morning we can declare it had been a good night.

Aye, it twas a good night.