Tuesday, January 19, 2016

House Party Line

House Party Line
Just in case you missed Lou Ann’s January 16 House Party, and especially if you have never come, it was grand, and we still hope you will make one or several as they continue to come up. In the meantime, let me fill you in:
Beside the regular crew and some newbies, we had three special guests: Michael Ronstadt (Linda’s nephew) and Serenity Fisher (partners currently residing in Cincinnati), and a longtime friend of Lou Ann's, Jeanne McDougall from Norfolk. Following a potluck dinner and conversation, these superb musicians first played a 45 minute set, and then initiated a freewheeling jam open to EVERYONE wanting to play; and many at ALL skill levels did play, beyond midnight. In addition, at least five took turns playing a djembe drum and bongo drums that I brought for anyone so inclined, and a multitude of non-instrumentalists sang along per folk-song-books that Lee Sauer had printed, or from memory... And all throughout, scores of interesting conversations in the background [you don’t have to play or sing, many don’t and still have great fun (like me)].
 About the special guests.
  • Michael is a cello virtuoso trained at the Cincinnati Conservatory Of Music, and what a flexible, commanding, awesome instrument that cello is in his hands.
  • Serenity plays a very groovy jazz keyboard, and her compositions and vocals are expressive and nuanced beyond imagining.
  • Jeanne’s original songs of Rivers and Seas are transporting. She will take you there, and you will momentarily believe that Indiana cornfield really is the ocean! I know this sounds corny, but it is the TRUTH!
  • And all these special people - so very, very nice, humane, and even humble.
But here’s THE MOST IMPORTANT thing:
Not all of the parties are this grand. Truthfully, this is the best I have seen to date. But the mere fact of this evening says so much about Lou Ann, her circle, and the POSSIBILITIES, if only you will join us now and then.

And when the next invitation from Lou Ann pops up, please do consider coming, you are genuinely welcome.

This was an email from my friend, Stephen, that I copied. Enjoy!