Tuesday, January 05, 2016

My New Year's Resolution (or one of them)...fine tuning my ukulele playing!

I am so enamored by this beautiful piece on the ukulele that I am totally inspired to keep that resolution of playing well and more often.

Actually my friend and neighbor, Lee, and I have formed a band...Schmaltz and Blarney. We are hoping to begin having a few gigs along the way. Our band is also accompanied with songbooks for sing-a-longs. Folks in the audience or in the bar just shout out the number of the song and we play. Oh, and Lee plays banjo. It is a great sound together. We usually rehearse on Saturday nights with beer and pizza. When the pizza guy shows up he always says to me, "Band practice?"  

I also answer him with a "Yep, you want to join us?"

We are available for booking!! Oh, and be sure to play the song all the way through. It is beautiful!