Monday, December 21, 2015


solstice morning dawns
between the dark and the light
balancing the earth

Today is one of my favorite days as the northern hemisphere begins its descent back to summer. I am one of the unusual folks who love long winter nights. Maybe it is because it is the only time I feel it is okay to curl up with a great book or a good movie. In the summer we are out and about working the garden...the earth.

On Saturday evening friends gathered in this old house to celebrate this festive event. We recited poetry, drummed about out thoughts, lit candles on the Christmas tree, sang old songs, sat around the campfire, and ate each other's cooking. It was a night of celebrating, of holding hands and hearts thinking about what really is important in this life.

So today, take a few minutes from your busy day to reflect on this spectacular world we live in and light a candle for peace.

Lou Ann