Tuesday, November 17, 2015

All 154 sonnets...

It was just a normal day biking to school. I love wearing my Ophelia dress with a crown of flowers in my hair! Today was our Sonnet-a-thon at Trine University. The event began at 8:00 this morning and was finished by 1:45.

Two out of my four classes read sonnets. We practiced ahead of time because the sonnets can be difficult. First of all, the students looked amazing with nice dresses for the girls and jackets and bow ties for the gentlemen. 

We read all 154 sonnets today. It is amazing to listen to them from beginning to end. 

This is Megan Miller and she was the only other person to dress in Elizabethan garb. She belongs to the local Renaissance group here in town. I don't remember where I found my dress, but the crown was from a festival in Texas. I love wearing it.

So here we are after the event in the gallery. My caption for this photo is Ophelia meets Queen Elizabeth.

It is a little early for Shakespeare (usually in the spring) but it is being taught this semester.

We plan to have a larger celebration in April as will everyone else! We are hoping to bring actor/storyteller Tim Mooney in for his show of Breakneck Hamlet. I have been having a conversation with him about it, but wouldn't you know, he is in London performing Shakespeare!

So, what is your favorite sonnet? 

Until tomorrow.