Monday, November 09, 2015

The last rose of summer...

I picked this rose on Saturday for my guests. They arrived before I had a chance to get out to the garden, but I told them it would be waiting for them in their room.

After they left I brought the rose downstairs little knowing it would be the last rose of summer. With two heavy frosts the past two nights, the other remaining roses are gone.

So, I ask the question. Do we know when we will see the last rose? The last leaf? The last great love of our lives?  I think the answer is no to all the questions. Perhaps we should hold on to what we have and enjoy it before it too slips off the branch and gone for the season or forever.

Just some thoughts for this Monday morning. Enjoy this haiku today as you go about your day contemplating these thoughts.

veils of Autumn's frost
covered my amber maple
winter is knocking

Until tomorrow