Friday, November 06, 2015

Poets and photos of beauty....

Last night my good friend and poet, Michael Czarnecki, came for a three day visit. He arrived late last night just as the wind shifted and I was just coming in from a long and fun day.

We sat at the table talking about poetry and life and all the things that really matter. He gifted me with two of his newest books, Morning Mist and wild voices come when they will. These books I will greatly treasure. 

Tonight I am hosting a house concert for Michael. My group of "salon" friends has certainly exceeded the limits in this old house. I think we will be wall to wall enthusiasts for the potluck and the readings that will follow. I have always wanted my house to become a salon for artists...perhaps I am on my way.

Michael and I talked about the beauty of the world. In following up with that conversation here are a few photos taken by my friend, Tyler Moore. Tyler is a wonderful photographer who lives just around the corner. These photos were taken less than a mile from my house at Fox Lake. Enjoy that last few glimpses into Autumn.

Lou Ann