Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This is a photo of Steven from Brakel, Germany. He was my guest last night as part of

I joined the organization several years ago in order to host bicyclists who are crossing the United States. I have had many folks stop by on bikes. I love hearing their stories, feeding them breakfast, and sending them on their way.

As it was, Steven arrived just as I was leaving for a storytelling performance. He said he was tired and slept his way until morning. Today we went to the Village Kitchen where he fueled up for the day.

Steven left his job in Germany to explore the United States. He is traveling in 25 states with Indiana being his 24th. Two days until Chicago and then back home. I told him to hurry as the snow was coming!

He shared stories of the kindness of Americans. I am glad he was able to come here to see for himself that we are a friendly nation.

Safe travels, my new friend, and thanks for the invitation to Germany!!