Tuesday, August 11, 2015


White Picket Gardens in the Spring.

It has only been a week and a day that I have been on AirBnB; however my old houses has been filled with guests three nights already.

I didn't know what to expect with this new adventure, but so far I am loving it. My guests have all been different and from different parts of the world. 

Last night my guests were a young couple from Switzerland. They are on summer holiday from the university and traveling across the United States. They chose Indiana specifically as they did not know much about it.

Today they are traveling on old Route 20 across the state towards Chicago. It is a beautiful day for travel.

Last night we sat out late at the campfire telling stories and listening to the quiet sounds of late August. The cicadas were the only sounds we could hear besides our voices. Once in a while a far away train whistle added to the ambiance. The lightning bugs are still out which is good as I have missed them this summer.

If you know of anyone traveling across northern Indiana, send them my way!

Lou Ann