Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Night Sky

The night before the Solstice I stepped outside for a moment and was greeted with this stunning sky right off of the front porch. I took the photo hoping at least part of the beauty would be captured, and I think part of it was. The larger light is the waxing moon. At the top of the triangle is Jupiter and Venus completes the triangle on the right.
The night sky on Ocracoke is, of course, very beautiful. There are few lights here and the large expanse of the lovely dark ocean ads to the viewing pleasure. I do have several other locations where I love the stars.
 One is in Colorado and was viewed by my sister and me when we went to our niece's wedding two years ago. Our flight was late so by the time we had our rental car, dusk had already descended as we made our way into and through the mountains. When it was completely dark I told Jessie to pull the car over, which she did. We got out on the lonesome road and just stood staring at the sky. We sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, made a wish for our dad and continued on our journey.
Another one of my favorite places is in the park where I live, Pokagon State Park. It is not quite as dark there as it is here, but it is isolated and has its own beauty. Fred Wooley always hosts a night of star gazing of which I always attend...almost always.
My other favorite place is my own backyard at the House at White Picket Gardens. I have entertained many folks in my old house as well as in my garden watching the stars and making wishes of our own.
I hope that wherever you are this summer that you are able to enjoy the beauty of the night sky. It is spectacular, but then I always say that about the winter night sky, don't I?
Lou  Ann