Sunday, May 03, 2015

We owe much to Louisa Gale Hendry...

Mrs. Louisa Hendry spins a yard on a lovely Friday afternoon.
Photo courtesy of Carnegie Angola Library.

Friday afternoon was the culmination of weeks, or maybe months, of research and rehearsals. This project was a labor of love for me as I was able to delve more deeply into the life of Louisa Gale Hendry and the history of my town. 

It actually was my idea months ago to do this project. There were moments I thought to myself...what have I done? Especially as this show came back to back to back with The Baptist Girls' Guide and finals at Trine. But somehow two of the three have been accomplished.

When I was finished with the show I was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a rousing applause...more than once. Most of my audience followed out into the square for our evening Architectural Walk.  

Please enjoy this week's column about this project. Just click on the above link. As always, thank you for reading.