Friday, March 27, 2015

Morning Sunlight...

There is something so beautiful about early morning sunlight. As the daylight grows longer, I notice the shift in sunbeams in this old house. Morning sun now streams into my dining room for a brief time giving way to new shadows. light, and well, I must admit some dust and streaked windows.

We wait for spring, all of us. I think those of us in northern climates seem to hold our breath a bit longer hoping it really does appear. Perhaps we are somewhat like the Ancients in our rituals hoping the sun will appear and rise, gardens will flourish, and so will we.

Our rituals are a bit simpler in nature: putting away and snow shovel and bags of salt, hauling out the garden gloves and the wheelbarrow, hanging out sheets and quilts on the line to air out after winter's staleness. Mine also include the first campfire and bringing my bicycle out of the garage.

In my impatience to find blossoms on the stems in the gardens, I find myself drooling over bouquets of flowers of tulips from local flower shops. This morning as I was working in the studio, I noticed the sun shining on the bouquet on the table. With a quick snap I had a photo and the sun had moved off to share warmth in another corner of my house.

Enjoy. Spring is here and all will soon follow.