Monday, January 26, 2015

Wicked Divas

via Italian from Latin: a goddess, from dÄ«vus divine

Two wicked Divas: Lou Ann and Kathy

This past Saturday night found Kathy and me at the Historic Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Fort Philharmonic show was "Wicked Divas," and the performance lived up to all my expectations. 

Guests artists, Emily Rozek and Julie Reiber, lit up the house with their singing renditions from My Fair Lady, Gypsy, Ragtime, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and many more.

I thought of my dad during the show as he is the one who took me to all of the above shows. One of the ushers at the end of the program said to me, "You really had a great time. It looked like you knew all the songs."

I answered her back, "I did. My dad took me to every show possible in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, and of course, Fort Wayne." She told me I was a very lucky girl. I aleady knew that.

When my Dad died I inherited boxes of his Playbills from all around the world. He would have loved the concert.

As it was, when I returned home in the early hours of Sunday morning I sat down at my piano and played the same show tunes until I was ready to fall asleep at the piano keys. 

Here's looking at you, Dad!