Friday, January 09, 2015


I know most of my readers do not live in northern Indiana, but I wanted to tell you about this class anyway.

My daughter in law, Karen Homan, will be teaching a beginner's ballet class at Fitt4Life in Angola, Indiana beginning on Monday, January 12. The class will be offered twice a week: Monday at 8:30 and Thursday evening at 5:30. Both classes will be the same so you can choose which one fits into your schedule.

I will be taking the class on Monday. You do not need any experience to take this class, which is lucky for me!

Karen has a lot of dance experience. She was the lead dancer for Celine Dion at the opening ceremony in Atlanta several years ago. Karen has spent the last twelve years raising her two sons, but has now decided go back into dancing. I am so excited to be taking this class.

I imagine we won't have a recital, but then one never knows!

Until tomorrow.