Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Solstice Poem with Lantern Light

Listening to stories by lantern light.

I was sent this lovely poem by a friend of mine for the Solstice, and even though we are a few days past, the darkness penetrates our days and thoughts. I love this photo of my boys listening to stories...nothing is more beautiful to me.

On The Other Side of Solstice
by Carrie Newcomer

The earth turns and we lean out 
Gathering to ourselves 
A little more light each day. 
Yes, it is true, 
That shadow and light 
Walk side by side,
Bowing their heads together in intimate conversation. 
Because the world turns
The darkest days must come,
and the long nights will spill across the floor like water.
And yet, 
There will always be 
That subtle shift
A pivotal moment, 
When we know the deepest dark is done
And the longest night is over,
When we sense something luminous, 
Something clear and unmistakable 
The fulfillment of a promise,
Growing stronger
in regular and trustworthy increments.

Farewell, November!

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