Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Walker

Marion's Woods

Perhaps my Christmas Eve is less frantic than most. Perhaps my Christmas holiday is less frantic as well. I think I learned years ago to make the most of the season as opposed to just so many gifts. Whereas, I do enjoy a few gifts, I think most of my time and thoughts relate to the music, the trees, the children, family and friends during Christmas.

This morning I took my traditional Christmas Eve hike. This year, since I stayed in northern Indiana, I hiked in our local woods. It was raining quite a bit, but there was a bit of a let up when I took to the woods. It was a lovely morning of reflection.

I thought of poetry, of course, and the poem, The Child's Christmas in Wales, just continued to go through my head. I love Dylan's poem and have pondered quite often at Christmas. If you don't know of the poem, please look it up. You will love it as well, I think.

To you and your family, I wish you the merriest Christmas. If things are tough, and believe me, I know they can me, find a friend to share the day with...drink some eggnog and say a prayer into the holy darkness. Morning will come.

Merry Christmas