Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe and James Whitcomb Riley

Today is my favorite Literary Day. (I made up my own.) On this day we celebrate the death of Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore on October 7, 1849.

At the same time we celebrate the birth of James Whitcomb Riley on October 7, 1849, our first Indiana Poet Laureate. 

I love the poetry of both of these men. My dad introduced them to me early on in life.

When I worked in an elementary school, I always dressed up as Poe on this day. Here is what I look like as Poe. Quite a wonderful transformation, don't you think?

Lou Ann Homan as Poe.

On another note of this day, we are celebrating the full Hunter's Moon. I will be heading out to my giant pumpkin patch to watch the moon come up tonight and pick the pumpkins in the light of the moon. Come join me, if you dare!

So, happy Literary Day to all of you. Keep a poem in your pocket or..."the goblins 'ill gettcha if you don't watch out." Riley.