Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Dance of Time

The Dance of Time by Michael Judge

Today was just one of those days for lollygagging, although I was not able to partake in that. The weather is so perfect here in northern Indiana...extreme perfect.
There was a heavy dew when I took my bike out of the garage this morning for school. The past couple of weeks I am noticing a bit of scrarlet color here or tangerine there...Autumn is coming in the door, and I am happy to welcome her.
School is a miriad of events for me...the challenge of teaching these college students is mixed with the challenge of getting to know them. How to make them laugh? How to make them cry? Or actually feel life or death?
Our study in the "Monuments Men" continues as we think about art and history. My job is to bring it alive for them and to help them realize these events all happened...these men and women all lived.
When I came home this afternoon, I found this book on my table. I use it often, but usually put it back on the shelf. I sat down in my old chair, turned on the lamp and the book fell open to this quote:
"We close our eyes and go spinning back to those old haunted folks, the happy-sad bittersweet drunk Octobers. What needs to be discharged is the intolerable tenderness of the past, the past gone, and grieved over and never made sense of."
Until tomorrow.