Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Mound in Angola, Indiana...

The Mound or the circle in my hometown.

Last night was our second annual cruise in. It was great fun last year and well attended, but last night was spectacular.

First of all the Mound was closed off on all four quadrants to all traffic. Everyone was free to walk or bike or lollygag in the center of town. There was live music playing music from the 60's, of course.

I spent the afternoon helping get the Democratic headquarters ready for evening traffic. It will be an exciting time in my hometown for local politics this November.

Another friend from the newspaper, Tyler, was out and about with his camera and he asked me if there was anyway I could get him up to the third floor for a photo. 

"Of course," I answered. Within minutes we were climbing two sets of stairs, meandering around boxes and sleeping bats over to the windows. Maria's son held the window open so we could take photos. We took turns hanging out of the window.

The above photo was my favorite shot of the evening. It has been shared all over Facebook, but possibly we don't know each other through Facebook so here is your photo.

It was a wonderful night of community, friends, music, and a glimpse into small town America. Thanks to the City of Angola for providing us with such a wonderful evening.

Until tomorrow.

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