Sunday, September 14, 2014

More to draw from bees than honey...

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On Wednesday I spent the day with Terry Dalrymple, our local beekeeper. It was a wonderful rainy morning, and I loved learning even more about bees and the properties of honey.

The photos were taken that morning as well as the video of honey extraction. The above column is culmination of the morning. Just click on the KPC News site on the top of this page.

As always, I thank you for reading my stories. Perhaps you will learn something about bees you didn't know before! Enjoy.

Terry is showing me the bee's wax on top of the honey in the frame.

Ray and Terry are getting ready to extract the honey from the frames. 

As I said in my column, there were hundreds of bees in the honey barn. All were docile.

Final product. Raw honey from your local grower! Beautiful.