Friday, September 12, 2014

Acres Land Trust and Aldo Leopold

I took this photo on a recent hike in Indiana.

Aldo Leopold, author of A Sand County Almanac, once said, "We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect."

These words were echoed by Jim Barrett, founding member of ACRES in Indiana. 

It is that time of year that I take to the land even more so than in summer. The cool winds of Autumn blow over me  so it is now time to close my windows, take in the porch furniture, and cause a bit of a stir in the kitchen department.

But I also put on my hiking boots and head outside to heed the call of geese beginning their flights south, to catch the first of the scarlet leaves appearing on the trees, and to feel alive again in our soul and under our skin.

Don't miss out wherever you live. Take to the forests or the hills or the sea...and let the rhythm of Autumn carry you into a more peaceful existence.

ACRES Land Trust has published a wonderful book, Preserve Guide, featuring more than 4,450 acres within 68 nature preserves in Indiana. Perhaps that is even out of date by now. For your own guide and more information, please note the following:

ACRES Land Trust
1802 Chapman Road
Huntertown, Indiana 46748
Phone: 260-637-2273

Until tomorrow.