Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Northern Indiana Blue Grass Festival

Labor Day weekend came in to Northern Indiana with a bit of higher heat than normal and humidity. The skies threatened a few times, but there were so many activities that nothing could stop the festival goers.

For the car lovers there is the annual Cord Duesenberg Festival in Auburn, Indiana. It is a spectacular event and draws thousands of folks from around the globe. I love to go and enjoy the cars, the food, and people watch. Last year we took Jonah to the festival for his birthday.

This year (as in all years) I attended the Northern Indiana Blue Grass Festival on Sunday. This festival attracts a different crowd every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

This weekend my favorite group was the Stockdale Family from southern Ohio. The group consisted of a dad and his four sons...most of them are grown up. They were absolutely delightful and we were all on our foot before the last song was over! The fiddle player is the Ohio National Champion Fiddle Player!

During the break we walked around the grounds listening to music, sampling barbecue, and meeting folks. I met a great gypsy couple from California. They were touching up their gypsy wagon with paint when we arrived. They are bookmakers and travel the United States in their wagon making books and giving ukulele lessons. I only wished I would have had my new ukulele with me at the time.

It was a great day exploring more blue grass music.

Here are a couple photos from the gypsy wagon. Enjoy. Until tomorrow.

The inside was hand crafted with beds and as beautiful.

These lovely angels adorned each corner.