Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Hoosier Roots" receives a four star rating!! Yippee!!

I must say I am a little giddy this morning after the reviews have come out. I am so happy that my show received four stars in the Nuvo review. I know I shouldn't be that much into reviews, but we, the artists, must be. To read the review of my show and others, please click on the above festival review guide.

Nervously, nervously (sounds so like Poe, doesn't it?), we wait and wait for the reviews to come out. They seriously can make or break a show.

I have had several other reviews as well so I am happy with the overall ratings of my show. My audience attendance has not been high so that has me a bit worried, but my show times have been quite strange. Hopefully the attendance will pick up this weekend as I have three more shows yet to go. My show times are listed on the side of this post.

If you come to Indy or are in the area, please come see my show. See the other shows as well. There are so many great ones.

OK, now on to the happy dance!