Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my twin son, Aaron and Adam.

Today is the birthday of my twin sons, Adam and Aaron. This photo was taken a few years ago (quite a few years ago) when we were going through some big life stuff.

The twins have been close all their lives and, even though, they do not live close to each other geographically they talk every day.

Aaron was diagnosed with testicular cancer his senior year of college. This photo was taken a couple of years later when he and Adam moved to Florida after college graduation. Adam was Aaron's caregiver during all that time putting his own studies on hold.

As things often do, my marriage took a turn for the worse then and this photo was taken just a few months after my divorce.

How do we survive and manage is always the question. But we did. I also have a younger son who came along two years later. All are now grown with their own families.

As I look at this photo I think about all the things that happened to us and how our adults lives have evolved, mine included.

Happy Birthday to these sons of mine. They are my rock. The following photo was taken of all three of my sons on Ocracoke!!


Until tomorrow.