Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Dead Poet's Society"

I would be remiss not to speak of Robin Williams. The news is everywhere and Facebook is full of comments, quotes, and video clips.

He was, in my opinion, the most talented man in Hollywood. It seemed as if he could do anything and that he was bigger than life. I guess no one is bigger than life when it comes down to it.

As a romanticist and a poet, my favorite is "Dead Poet's Society." I think I patterned much of my teaching and my life after that movie. I didn't realize it until last year, my second year of teaching at the University. I begin each class with a poem, although I did not stand on the desk.

One day last year I forgot to start the class with a poem when one of the freshmen students raised his hand. "Professor Homan," he said, "you forgot to read us a poem."

At the end of each semester I take my students outside and tell them we are having a dead poet's society. I read poetry to them and then send them on their way. Last year at the end of the first semester it was dreadfully cold, and college students do not always dress for the weather. They stayed with me though listening to each word.

Oh, how lonely our world will be without Robin Williams in it.

Until tomorrow.