Monday, August 04, 2014

And just like that...

Cedar Island Ferry leaving Ocracoke.

When I arrived on Ocracoke on June 4th, it was as if I had so much time of me. It never works like that. Today, August 4th, I am back here at the airport on my way to Indiana.

Days and weeks stretch out in front of us like jewels, and certainly mine did. It was a wonderful summer and my 12th summer with Philip. It was filled with activities, friends, family, and everything that makes life sweet.

I travel home to eight weeks of unopened mail, gardens to weed, stories to tell, and classes to teach. It is how it is least for now.

Just because I leave Ocracoke, does not mean I leave my blog. There are lots of exciting possibilities ahead of me which means we share them together.

To tomorrow I write from northern Indiana where I will settle back into the "other" life. Ocracoke will be missed and so will Philip.

Until tomorrow.