Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bob Zenzt and Jeanne McDougal at the breakfast table.

It is Monday morning and our show is over. I know that as a producer I shouldn't always say things went well or were wonderful...but the show was great. Not due to my producing or directing, but due to the variety and quality of performers who brought song after song and story after story up to the stage.

I only wish all of you could have been there for the event. Someday please take a trip to Ocracoke the last weekend in July for our show! 

Jeanne McDougal was in the show along with Anke, her friend from Friesland (located in the Netherlands.) We found housing for Anke and her partner, Nanne, and Jeanne and Bob Zentz stayed with us. 

The best part about housing musicians is that when you wake up in the morning they are serenading you at the kitchen table. With banjo and ukulele in hand, we were treated to hours of performing all day.

Did I have work to do? Oh my yes. Did I do it? Absolutely not. How can I work when music is at my kitchen table. "Play the strings while you can."

Until tomorrow.