Friday, July 04, 2014

A Gas-Powered Blog Post from Ocracoke...

Dear Friends,

Philip hooked up the generator with just enough gas for me to write my column and write a brief blog.


I must say it was quite a night, and a week in my life I will always remember. Everyone is fine here and the damage was minimal...trees and branches covering roadways and yards, and, of course, no power.

The power will be out for a few days, they say.

We do have cold running water, however, and we are very grateful for that.

I do not think there is enough gas for me to bother with photos, so that will come another time.

We do not know as much news as you probably do since we have no sources without power or Internet.

Anyway, most importantly, everyone is OK.

Thank you for all your concerns. It was quite amazing!

Lou Ann

Until tomorrow (maybe).