Thursday, July 03, 2014

King Arthur, we are ready!

Here is Philip with Stefen and David finishing up the trimming.

The last of the ferries will be leaving by 5:00 this afternoon. If you haven't left yet, you better hurry! This is the Swan Quarter ferry leaving this morning.

It has been great to keep all of you informed, and we appreciate your concern.

King Arthur has now been updated to a category 2 hurricane, but the preparations are the same. 

Most things have been removed from the grounds and the the surrounding area. Windows have been caulked, tree limbs removed, and anything loose has been tied down.

We made one last run to the grocery for more chocolate and other necessities.

So, now we just take the last of the showers, put on clean clothes and cook in our air conditioned kitchens knowing that that all will change. (I am going to really enjoy this last shower!!)

I will continue the blog as long as I can, if we have Internet and power!!

Until later.

Lou Ann

This was the beach this morning. Isn't it lovely?