Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A lovely afternoon before the storm...

An afternoon view from the dock.

I was out on my bike this afternoon just looking for photos and talking to folks. I loved this sailboat speeding away from the ferry. What is unusual about this photo is that the ferry is coming to take folks away from Ocracoke as opposed to bringing them here!

The sky was blue, the water was sparkling, and there still were lots of tourists taking in the sights and the shops before heading out.

We are currently under a voluntary evacuation notice so it is up to each family to decide what to do. As for me? I will be here throughout the storm with photos and updates.

Don't go away!

Lou Ann

"Should I stay or should I go now?"

Last night Jude Wheeler and I went down to Dajio's to hear April Trueblood's band, Raygun, Ruby.

It was a great evening with lots of folks dancing, singing, and listening to the band.

One of their songs last evening was "Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?" which, of course, brought down the house with the impending Tropical Storm Arthur.

So, here we are facing this storm, and I am finding it very interesting with so many possibilities. First of all, it is not a hurricane and the thought of leaving Ocracoke is not even a thought.

Other considerations are happening though...folks are trimming bushes and trees, putting their cars on high ground, putting up bicycles, etc.

I think it will be important to keep things plugged in as long as possible in case the power goes out, to keep water in jugs, and make sure the wine supply is ample enough for folks.

I know the campground and the NPS will close at noon which means I won't be working in the lighthouse today or tomorrow. All the events for the Fourth of July have been postponed until Saturday, and then it is a wait and see.

For now I have my blog and I have you!

Until later.

Lou Ann

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