Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Green Grow the Rushes, O.

I arrived home on Sunday afternoon. The temperature was 101 degrees in Phoenix and in the 50's in northern Indiana.

I was struct by the green of the groves as we drove back home. The colors of spring are so beautiful with every color of green imaginable. The air was cool and fresh as well.

I had a wonderful time visiting my son and his wife and children. They are gracious and kind and so willing to share their lives with me. But there is always something wonderful about coming home no matter where you live.

Years ago I didn't have a home for part of the year. I lived in an apartment and I had to vacate the apartment during the summer. I lived on the lake and my landlord rented it out.  My things were in storage and all I needed was placed in the back of my Jeep.

During that time period I often heard folks talk about home...so much.

"See you at home."
"Where will you be home?"
"Are you home?"
"How soon will you be home?"

I was so in love with the word home when I had none.

So, driving home from the airport, I thought about how green was my home.

Until tomorrow.

Oh, and enjoy the Celtic Women!