Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oom Pa Pa - Oliver!

I love Broadway shows, especially musicals. The week before my injury Kathy and I spent a weekend in Chicago to see "The Phantom of the Opera." 

So this morning I awoke and did my menial chores, the ones I can do. I can make coffee, make my downstairs bed, send out the cat and the dog (neither are mine), and other tasks. I can even run the vacuum from the wheelchair.

My world has been just the downstairs of my house for one and a half moons now, and needless to say, I am getting restless. I decided I was in the need of oom pa pa. I often use that word with my students. They look up at me with that "huh" kind of face. Hmmm...I am an oom pa pa kind of person and it is hard to describe. 

So today with plummeting temperatures and the same routine with the same walls, I needed a refresher course in enthusiasm.

I love "Oliver" the book by Charles Dickens, of course, and the musical. Maybe this video will brighten your day as well.

Is it possible to dance in a wheelchair??

Enjoy and until tomorrow,

Lou Ann