Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter's Art


A few years ago I was attending one of my book club meetings. It was spring, and my good friend, Bert, was showing me her bowling ball garden. She had several balls on re-rod stacks holding up assorted bowling balls. I immediately loved the idea. I already had a blue bottle garden so why not add bowling balls?

I remembered that I had my own bowling bar in the attic of my house so I promptly found it and with some re-rod began my own garden. I, however, only have one work of art in my garden. I decorated it with lovely glitter and all kinds of art and glued all on with a hot glue gun.

This winter my bowling ball has been just as beautiful gleaming in the sunshine and letting the snow add a cap of art!

Hope you enjoy my winter's art. I would love to see what is "blooming" in your garden this winter!

Until tomorrow,

Lou Ann