Friday, February 07, 2014

Mixed Vegetables and the Crescent Moon...

Compliments of EarthSky/Nasa

It is Friday afternoon, sunny and cold in Northern Indiana. On most Fridays I celebrate the weekend or I pack up to work at a festival or some wonderful event.

Today I sit with a bag of mixed frozen vegetables on my ankle while writing away with the sun dropping beams of sunlight upon my portable writing table. 

I still have four weeks to keep my ankle up and off my feet, and I must admit to a bit of fretting. And then...I find this lovely photo from Nasa. It puts things in perspective. 

Each day is like the next for me in this recuperating state. I am not sure of the day or even the month. I am most grateful for folks stopping by bringing conversation or dinner. But each day is different as well as the moon takes us back to full light and the sun will bring warmth in its pathway.

Until tomorrow,

Lou Ann