Thursday, February 06, 2014

Looking at snow like a child...

This photo was taken by Catherine Pritchard.

Dear Friends,

I don't know how many days we are into Winter, I think I have lost count. I am not even sure how many inches of snow have fallen in northern Indiana, but I do know this is the winter we will never forget.

I must confess that if I must have a broken ankle (and I do), then this was the year to do so. 

Philip has been my constant companion taking care of house details and me. His daily chores include shoveling and filling the bird feeders which are right outside my south windows. 

The landscape continues to be white, yet it is different every day. It is different the way the wind blows the small drifts around to other locations. The birds bring new friends each day and the deep blue shadows are beginning to find their way toward spring.

I sleep downstairs by the windows now; where the wind is stronger. I love lifting the deep red blind to check on the night from this viewpoint as well.

Rick Bass (author of "Winter) once wrote, "But if you remember to look at the snow like a child, or a Texan-gazing up, trying to see where it originates-then the slowness into which it falls, the paralysis of its journey, will drop you immediately into a lower, slower state, one where your're sure to live twice as long, and see twice as many things, and be two times as happy at the end. Snow's more wonderful than rain, than anything."

Today's photo is shared with permission by Catherine Pritchard. Catherine is a writer and a photographer. I loved this view of frost on the windowpane.

Until tomorrow,

Lou Ann

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