Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Storm of 2014

Just a few photos from the Storm of 2014

My street

My backyard

My front yard crab apple trees

Karen and Aaron's House

The House at White Picket Gardens

My street again.

These photos were taken on Sunday morning as the snow began to fall. It was still warm outside, in the low 30's, and all the neighbors were outside shoveling away last week's snow in preparation for what was to come. 

I have not been out to take photos since then because of the cold, but we are now up to zero so I guess it is time to venture out and see the world. We have been under a code red since Sunday late evening. All schools, offices, etc., have been closed since then. There still is no school for all the students here in this part of the country. I think tomorrow we will begin to open our doors once more. It has been a fun time with family and friends with dinners and games in the evenings. No one is in a hurry to go to bed or even get up early. Hope all are well and healthy where you are living.

Until tomorrow, 
Lou Ann