Saturday, December 28, 2013

Drifting down the tracks of Christmas memories -

Drifting down the tracks of Christmas memories - KPCNews: Kpcnews

The above link is this week's column sharing Christmas memories. When life changes, it is important to establish new customs and traditions so I did just that fourteen years ago.

The Christmases I spent on the farm with the boys cannot be replaced. I knew when I was divorced that it would be impossible to continue the traditions without the farm...without the children...without the past.

It is not easy to venture out to new horizons when we are caught up in our own traditions, but there comes a time that we must do it.

The above link shares a few of the adventures I have embarked upon since those days. I think the challenge is to be able to let go.

I met a woman the other day who said that her Christmas was to be the same as always. She was a single woman who had no reason to be living the same traditions that were making Christmas a season of sadness. I told her to hop a plane or a train and just go somewhere new.

She gazed at me as if I had told her to fly to the moon. Do we need permission to try new outings? Who gives us the permission to go or who tells us not to go? I guess these are things to think about in the new year.

As for this Christmas I decided to take a plane to visit Ocracoke. It is lovely here this time for visitors (sorry about that), and no heat! It is always nice to visit Philip in his village of family and friends as well.

I took this photo of the Methodist Church yesterday in the late afternoon. Enjoy as well.

Until next time, let your mind wander a bit.

Lou Ann