Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Last week I told stories at the Fremont Public Library. I was seated by the fire with decorated
pumpkins all around. I had to talk this photo when I was finished as it was definitely
a piece of art!

Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays for most of my life.
There was something so magical about it when we were kids; making our our costumes, trick-or-treating weeks before the day, and then sorting and stashing away our candy for the winter months.

I still feel exactly life this. Could that be one of the reasons I grew up to be a storyteller? I love ghost stories. I love traveling to different libraries, schools, and, yes, cemeteries to share my stories.

My classes at Trine University even presented an evening with Poe which was very successful with a full house and poetry read by engineering students.

So, the day finally comes and I am still loving it. The house is decorated from top to bottom with lights and pumpkins and such. We are having a full day of rain and howling wind today so we shall see what comes of the evening hours. But then again, Halloween is scary! 

A special Happy Birthday to my mom in England. I was always so jealous that she was born on Halloween and I was not.

Enjoy the day for what it is. Dress up in your favorite, or not so favorite costume, and open your door for all the kids. You can be sure I will be waiting for them tonight at the bewitching hour!

Happy Halloween.