Monday, August 19, 2013

Sea hatching turtles...

This is a photo from N.E.S.T.

Most of you know I spend my summers on Ocracoke Island. In the past I have often volunteered with the park rangers spotting nests early in the morning.

Other years I volunteer at the lighthouse or the radio station or O.P.S.
I usually leave too early to watch the sea turtles hatch except for last year. I was able to film it on you-tube. 

This year I missed it completely, but here is a lovely photo from the Network for Endangered Turtles.

If you are on Ocracoke don't miss the opportunity to see this amazing adventure. The turtles have just started hatching so you will have plenty of time.

If you have missed it like I have, you can go to my video from last year!


Lou Ann