Thursday, July 11, 2013

Days of Wine and Roses

It is actually more like the days of Joe Bells and sand spurs during the lazy month of July. So let's talk. I would especially like to talk to new subscribers to my blog and welcome you.

My real name is Lou Ann, but I also go by Maggie Mae or Mad Mag. I am from the Midwest, Indiana to be exact, but of recent years have been spending summers on Ocracoke Island. (No, that is not in Australia!)

I am a  writer and storyteller by trade which makes for a very interesting career. In this field I travel a great deal, write and talk a lot, and listen profusely to what lives around me.

I make the best soup of anyone I know, tell more ghost stories than is allowed by law, and know the phases of the moon at any given moment.

I fiercely believe in family and have strong feelings about chocolate.

Sharing my thoughts and photography on this blog is just another way to tell stories.

And yes where I currently hang out my laundry the Joe Bells bloom and the wind blows the sand spurs right up into my clean clothes.

So, what about you?