Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My June Garden

June is the month for gardening, at least it is so in the Midwest. All the work of April and May finally pays off and the garden blooms. 

At my House at White Picket Gardens I have tried to build an English cottage garden in my back yard. I have also registered my yard with the National Wildlife Federation.

My back yard is full of flowers, herbs and lots of vegetables. All are tucked away in lovely little places. Sometimes it is a bit like a puzzle or a maze, if you will. 

With a rain barrel, compost heap, clothesline, small gardens and a fire ring, I have a small farm inside of town.

Here are a few photos from my early morning stroll through the gardens. With more rain predicted today, I will  plant the last of the lavender and a beautiful new coreopsis.

As always, thanks for reading and listening.

Tomorrow is a new Out and About, stay tuned!

Lou Ann

Golden Yarrow

Old-fashioned roses over birdhouse

Early June peas on the vine