Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Goin' fishin' with my Daddy!

Matthew, Aaron, and Jonah are showing off just a part of their catch yesterday!

Indiana lakes in the spring are the perfect place to find little boys playing hookie with their dad! Aaron picked the boys up from school and took the boat out to their secret fishing hole!

In Steuben County, Indiana we have 101 lakes. In the winter we ice skate, ice fish, and ponder over thickness of the ice in winter. When the apple trees blossom and the crab apple trees cover the streets in bloom, it is time to take the boat out and bring in supper.

My three sons have been fishermen since they were about three years old. Their dad took them fishing and now the tradition continues. Lucky for the rest of us who are invited to their house for a fish fry or to be given a bucket of blue gills! Aaron fillets all his fish and Karen is the cook!

Lou Ann