Thursday, May 02, 2013


Those of us in the north are finally experiencing spring. It seems as if overnight the flowers and trees have budded and blooms are appearing each moment.

Yesterday was the perfect day...light breeze, sunshine, gorgeous sky and the unfolding of spring. It was also my last day at Trine. What an exciting year this has been working with the kids and the faculty at my local university. The students were playing music, sunbathing, and just being normal college kids at the end of the school year. One fraternity had taken all the couches out of their house and placed them in the front yard for the day.  After my last final we went outside to sit in the courtyard just as the Dominoe's pizza van pulled up. Yes, it was pizza day to celebrate!

Coming home I worked out in the yard helping my friend Lee power wash the fence, put in a new raised bed, and doing some other chores that had been neglected. All the neighbors were outside telling stories, cleaning up after winter and well, you know, catching up. Kids were everywhere with shovels for worm digging (my garden is the best for worms!), and playing every game imaginable.

At sunset I built a campfire to welcome May Day and everyone sat around roasting marshmallows not wanting this day to end.

Here are a couple of photos from my neighbor's trees.

Happy Spring!

This is a weeping cherry tree.

This is, of course, a forsythia bush.