Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tibbits Opera House

The events of human life, whether public or private, are so intimately linked to architecture that most observers can reconstruct nations or individuals in all the truth of their habits from the remains of their monuments or from their domestic relics. (Honore de Balzac)

I took this photo when I arrived in the late afternoon to get ready for the evening.
Last night was a spectacular night at the Tibbits Theatre in Coldwater. The reception
began at 6:30 which was a gathering of board members, a senator or two from Michigan, the Mayor, the architect, and patrons.

I was a meandering storyteller always looking for a light for my cigarette as I spread historic information through the party. The bartender really did try to give me a light, but I had to decline.

The dedication was next in the lovely theatre upstairs. I had a front row seat next to the Trine Band and right up against the 1882 stage. Folks lined the stage area as the speeches began. They were passionate, artistic, and for anyone in the arts, they were empowering. Christine Delaney, the Executive Director, was the other star of the evening.

The premiere of the film, Old Buildings, The Restoration and Preservation of Tibbits Opera House, followed. It was also passionate with the history of the Tibbits and the restoration of the facade. The restoration was completed by craftsmen using the small copper and woodworking shops in Michigan.

The evening concluded with champagne and an invitation to go outside for the lighting of the building and the releasing of hundreds of white balloons. The lights were originally gas lamps, but are now, of course, electrified.

I took this photo as the Tibbits Opera House was lit up, but before the balloons!

Needless to say it was a wonderful evening. I loved doing my research. I felt like a one-woman show as I meandered about telling stories.

Here is the link to this week's column about this evening. As always, enjoy!

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