Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ma'm, it looks as if you need some new siding!

A few nights ago there was a knock at my front door. I immediately knew it was someone I did not know as everyone either comes to the back door or just walks in.

Virginia takes a peak. We both shrug our shoulders and go out on to the porch to open the door.

There is a young man standing on the stoop with a clipboard. "Hmm..," I think, "clipboards can be a very bad sign."

He asked which one is the home-owner. I nodd that it would be me and refer to Virginia as well. That way she must stay for the conversation. We invite him up into the enclosed porch.

The conversation goes like this:
Young man: It looks as if your siding is very old.
Me: Yes, it is very old....around 1899.
Young man: It looks to be in bad shape as well.
Me:  Does it now? Well, I spent several thousand dollars a few years ago to rip off the vinyl siding and have this old siding repaired.
Young man: Have you thought about re-siding with vinyl?
Me: Well, not actually SINCE I just had all the vinyl ripped off a few years ago and spent a lot of money restoring the ORIGINAL siding!
Young man: Are you saying you don't want new siding?
Me:  Correct.
Young man: Your windows look old as well.
Me: These on the porch are original as well. See the ropes and pulleys? You don't see that much anymore.
Young man: I can give you a quote on replacing these windows.
Me: Do the new windows have ropes?
Young man: Of course not.
Me: Can you write your name on your windows with a thimble when it is very cold?
Young man: Of course not.
Me: Well, there you have it?
Young man: So, are you saying you don't want new windows?
Me: I could use a painter, however.
Young man: Oh, we don't paint.
Me: I see...well have a great day.
Young man: Could I leave you my business card in case you change your mind?
Me: Ummm... I don't think so.
End of conversation.