Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The winter storm slipping into Ocracoke...

Dear Friends,

The other day the beach was so calm and placid. The colors were spectacular, too, of all shades of blue.

This morning we walked on the beach ahead of the storm and found everything had changed...the colors, the texture of the sand, the wind.

Dressed in winter clothing I continued to hold onto my English woolen hat to keep the sand out of my ears. We could not hold a conversation with the wind pushing its way down from the northwest.

Alas, there is no snow as in the north, but a beautiful winter storm just the same.

I was reminded of the delightful book, "Off Season," written by Ken McAlpine. One winter he began a quest to find the "forgotten season" of winter beach. It is a stunning read for weather like this. I am fortunate to have an autographed copy of my own. Please look for his work. If you enjoy this blog and photography that I put forth, then you will love his work.

I took this video this morning as well. I did not even say any words, they would have been lost over the sea.

Hope all are staying warm with heat, good shovels by your back doors, and a pot of tea.

Lou Ann