Monday, February 18, 2013

And the Oscar goes to.....

Virginia and I are at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne for Lights, Camera...Oscars
Presented by the Fort Wayne Philharmonic.

Jonah is standing in front of the Embassy as well for the Black and White
film series, A Trip to the Moon and The General. The wonderful organ at the Embassy
was featured for these silent films!

This photo was taken at the Arts United Performing Center after the stellar
production of "Oliver." This was a collaboration between the theatre
at IPFW and Fort Wayne's Youth Theatre.

Following the production of "Oliver" we had ice cream at Atz's in Fort Wayne. This
is a long standing tradition. When I was young my dad always took us
to Atz's after theatre performances. I love that the tradition continues.
Johah is here with Ben who played one of the orphans as well as a
pick pocket in the production.

Ally and Ruben performed for the supper crowd on Friday night at Mulligan's. We filled the place with fans of the young couple! I love
to support these young people. As you can tell, I am at the front table.

It seems as if the weekend was absolutely packed with the arts! Fort Wayne has a large art's community with theatre and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. The entire weekend was a bustle of activity as you can see from the above photos. I loved introducing Virginia and Thomas to the Embassy and the boys to Oliver. We actually read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens to prepare for the show.
So here is a glimpse into my weekend, how was yours?